January 22, 2014

Clockwork Twist:  Trick Book 2 by Emily Thompson

Book Two

Twist wasn’t the only one who wanted to find the clockwork princess.  Having finally rescued Myra from obscurity and ruin, Twist and Jonas must now flee Bombay and return to Europe in a desperate attempt to secure her freedom.

Continuing the story of Clockwork Twist, “Book Two: Trick,” follows the unassuming clockmaker and his companions as they are pursued across the globe by a mysterious and shadowy society of technology thieves. The Rooks would stop at nothing to posses Myra and all of her clockwork secrets.

Join Twist once again as he encounters wonders and absurdity beyond anything he could imagine, in this exciting steampunk adventure.  Travel with him across the Arabian Sea, through Egypt, and back into Europe by airship, steam train, and sailing ship.  Meet a whole new cast of characters, and re-encounter old friends and enemies, as Twist struggles to retain some semblance of sanity in his bizarre new lifestyle.

The intrepid three are joined along the way by magical beings of both human and mythical natures, underground kidnappers, notable inventors, and a safari enthusiast. But friends can only do so much to aid them.  In the end it’s up to Twist and Jonas to protect their princess and all of their hopes of having a future together.

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