November 17, 2014

Dreamer y Emily ThompsonClockwork Twist:  Book 3

After an airship crash, Twist and his friends are rescued by a cloud-borne tribe of Native-Americans only to find themselves quickly caught up in an evil Cypher plot. While fighting for freedom, unsettling questions arise about Twist and Jonas.

In this exciting third installment of the Clockwork Twist series, Twist and his companions continue to travel the globe, from San Francisco to Cuba, and to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. Along the way they reunite with old friends and enemies, while also making intriguing new allies. One of these is a strange young boy who shares other people’s dreams whenever he falls asleep.

While Myra and Natasha Samara entertain adoring crowds on their world-wide theater tour, Twist and Jonas discover ominous new mysteries surrounding the odd connection between their Sights. Twist also comes to realize that his and Jonas’s Sights are uniquely powerful and dangerous when compared to those of all other Sighted people.

When Twist and his companions find themselves unexpectedly faced with a fierce and inescapable Cypher lord, it’s up to Twist alone to save them all. Will Twist be able to best such a formidable foe? Will he and his friends be doomed to flee from the evil Cyphers for the rest of time? Find out, in this action-packed adventure!

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