June 26, 2015

Clockwork Prophecy by Tammi LabrecqueThe Crystal Engines Book 1

Fleeing school bullies — and her parents’ imminent divorce — Felicity Poole heads out on a college tour, determined to get as far away from her hometown as she can. But she never imagined she’d be kidnapped by a mysterious Professor and thrust through a Portal into a steam- and clockwork-driven alternate America.

In this radically different America, Britain still rules but revolution is brewing, and the Empire’s spies are ever vigilant, watching for the girl with the power to end their long rule. For Felicity’s arrival has been prophesied for over a century, and the Empire’s alchemists and artificers know that it spells the end of their covert magical experiments … and the beginning of a revolution that’s been delayed for over 200 years.

Now an incalculable distance from home and desperate to find a way back, Felicity must learn to tell friends from enemies, truth from lies, and the right choices from the wrong ones — because if the Empire learns that she exists, she won’t live to see home again.