December 12, 2013

Cassie Fogg and the Reluctant Ronin by David S. GoodwinTales of Knight Mechantry, Book #2

Cassie Fogg has only been a Knight Mechant for a few months, but with one duel under her belt and a trophy sword strapped to her steam machine Teapot, she thought she was ready for anything. That was before Refuge: a town of red stone and ancient enmities, where she must fight for a people she doesn’t know against a knight she’s never seen.

It will take skill to survive, and luck to win; but she’s beginning to wonder if she even wants a victory at all…

Cassie Fogg and the Unwound Knight is the second in a series of steampunk stories following the adventures of a girl and her mech. It is a long-form short story of about 35 pages.