December 2, 2013

Brass Legionaire by Daniel OttaliniThe Steam Empire Chronicles Book 1

In a world where Rome never fell, the Imperial Roman Empire is the leader in a worldwide industrial revolution. Rome’s dominance has allowed it to prosper for centuries, while the steam powered warmachines of the Imperial legions keep hostile neighbors at bay. Seeking to escape the endless toil of the factory, a young man joins the army. His commander works to prove himself, away from the power and corrupting influence of his rich and mighty family. Amid a backdrop of revolution, espionage and assassination, how can a green and unprepared cohort foil the onslaught of forces aiming a deathblow at the largest empire ever created?

Alternative history meets Steampunk technology in Daniel Ottalini’s Award-Winning novel, Brass Legionnaire.

Be sure to check out his latest novel, Copper Centurion, which continues the stories of our heroes from Brass Legionnaire as they travel to new lands and face down enemies new (and old).

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