Viridian Gate Online: Resurrection

Viridian Gate Online:  Resurrection

The end of the world sucks. The end of the world alone is worse.

So when Dr. Lisette Chen discovers her staff have uploaded their consciousnesses into the massive MMO, Viridian Gate Online, she reluctantly takes a chance and logs in. Her goal? Discover why her colleagues abandoned her when she needed them the most.

In a blink, she finds herself in a fantastical world where her healing skills—both as a doctor and a Priestess of Gaia—are sorely needed. A group of dark priests is spreading a digital plague that threatens NPCs and Travelers alike, and somehow it is all connected to her old coworkers. Lisette is the only one who can unravel the mystery before time runs out on humanity’s new safe haven.

Lisette’s already lost one world, and she sure as hell isn’t going to lose another.

About the Book
Authors: ,
Series: The Heartfire Healer Series, Book 1
Publisher: Shadow Alley Press
Publication Year: 2021
About the Author
E.C. Godhand

E.C. Godhand is a LitRPG author by profession and nurse by trade. She writes with Shadow Alley Press, runs a community garden, and fosters orphaned kittens. She's always mained healer, whether in video games or real life, and loves game design, wordplay, and psychology.

All proceeds from book sales will go directly to supporting her habit of living so she can keep writing for you. She's been rumored to eat up to three times a day even. At the very least, the kittens need to be fed.

Don't buy the books for her though. Do it for fun LitRPG stories about drunken priests, weird dream worlds, and characters' assured descent into madness. Do it for the kittens.

Find her here:

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