The Trains of Keldora

The Trains of Keldora

After victory over the Chained God, Julian’s work is just beginning.

One month after being stranded on a fantasy world and finding his place with the town that has welcomed him, Julian is ready to upgrade his Godcore to the next tier and expand the Factory.

But he might have waited too long.

The Gods of the Green are on the move, and have dispatched a team of high ranked Adventurers backed by a vicious Nature Goddess. Surrounded by sabotage, hostile forces, and the never-ending demands of the Factory, Julian is in over his head. He’s going to have to innovate his way out of this mess. Good thing Julian always has a plan.

If he can’t overpower his foes, he’s going to have to outproduce them.

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About the Book
Series: Factory of the Gods, Book 2
Genre: Fiction
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About the Author
Alex Raizman

Alex Raizman has been a fantasy, science fiction, and horror fan since elementary school. He calls Stein, Tolkien, and Bradbury his "gateway drugs". A voracious reader, he always planned to write a book "someday".

Being diagnosed with cancer in 2015 inspired him to stop thinking about "someday" and start doing things now. So with the same attitude that once prompted him to tackle a speech impediment by joining his school's competitive debate team, he decided to get serious about writing.

Three years later, Alex is cancer free and thrilled to have published Weird Theology, the first book in his Small Worlds series. Book two, Strange Cosmology, will be published in 2019.

Alex lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with Loki, the world's coolest cat.

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