The Smoking Gun Serenade

The Smoking Gun Serenade

There’s a man in the shadows who’s wearing his face. Can a private detective solve an impossible case and still keep himself out of trouble when his double might be manipulating him at every turn?

Jed Strait is trying to solve a 40-year-old cold case, but someone has worked long and hard to keep the killer's identity a secret. If he fails, he loses out on the opportunity of a lifetime. The more he digs, though, the more trouble he gets into. Even worse, it’s not long before his friend Guillermo is in the crosshairs of powerful people who seem to know the secrets behind his technological wizardry.

With his and Guillermo’s fates on the line, Jed throws everything he’s got into fighting a shadowy foe who’s an expert at playing The Smoking Gun Serenade.

About the Book
Series: The Crossover Case, Book 6
Genre: Science Fiction
About the Author
Richard Levesque

Richard Levesque has spent most of his life in Southern California. For the last several years he has taught composition and literature, including science fiction, as part of the English Department at Fullerton College. His first book, Take Back Tomorrow, was published in 2012, and he has followed it with other science fiction and urban fantasy novels, novellas, and short stories. When not writing or grading papers, he works on his collection of old science fiction pulps and spends time with his wife and daughter.

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