Amethyst rushes headlong into innovation and intrigue.

When their secrets are threatened in London, the Makers leave the country. Inspector Jenson heads out too, hunting dangerous traitors.

Feeling alone, Amethyst falls in with an American team developing a new aetheric engine. When their success draws interest from a private investor to test the engine’s capabilities on Pendine Sands, a trip to Wales is called for.

When the elements of her life come crashing back together, it’s not just Amethyst who’s in danger. In a high-stakes game of engines and intrigue, some people will try to change history forever.

About the Book
Series: Aether Chronicles, Book 3
Publisher: Aethon Books
Publication Year: 2020
About the Author
Abi Barden

I love the Victorian era for fashion, manners, invention, and the massive amount of progress they made in so many areas. Of course, all that had it's downsides too, poverty, childhood mortality to name but two. My books touch on both sides of that coin.

I'm always impressed that here we are nearly two centuries later and a lot of what the Victorians built is still standing and going stronger than the stuff we built twenty years ago. Makes me wonder what the world will be like in another hundred years or so.

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