Mages & Mechanisms

Mages & Mechanisms

Leander Weatherford doesn’t want a mage, but he needs one. Enchanted mechanical animals are all the rage among the upper classes, and selling them will save his struggling family business. Enter Jak, whose enchanting ability is second only to his talent for flirting. It’s dangerous to keep such a tempting man close, but Leander can’t resist—in more ways than one.

Jak needs money to continue his aimless life of running. A partnership with Leander provides both income and a lovely diversion. Their masterful creations catch the attention of an eccentric baroness who offers them an enormous sum for an ambitious project—a full-scale mechanical dragon.

Swept into a life rubbing elbows with nobility, Leander is pleased but overwhelmed. Spending both workdays and evenings with Jak, he finds himself drawing closer to the charming mage. But Jak is hiding a dangerous secret, and the truth could tear them apart.

About the Book
Series: Jak & Leander, Book 1
Publisher: October Night Publishing
Publication Year: 2018
About the Author
Craig Priestley

Craig Priestley is a sci-fi author based in London, UK. He graduated from the University of Greenwich with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Writing.

He loves creating post apocalyptic and dystopian worlds that challenge people's perceptions of modern life. His debut, Watchers, is an apocalyptic sci-fi thriller that incorporates elements of horror and dark humour.

The authors he enjoys reading himself include Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Blake Crouch, AG Riddle, Ian Sainsbury, Luke Smitherd, and many more.

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