Iron Fist

Iron Fist

Edinburgh, 1863

Marian Finlay knows how to work and play in a man’s world. Crafting artificial limbs for her employer by day, she fools wily card sharps for pleasure and profit by night. She believes she has more freedom and adventure than she knows what to do with—until she meets a mysterious American who turns her world upside down.

Rollo Rahgstadt arrives on the Edinburgh docks with a dual mission—seek out the talented limb-maker and hunt down a deadly political assassin. When the two ventures merge in a lethal confrontation, not only does the assassin escape but Rollo discovers that Marian is a woman with skills and passion to match his own.

Bound by duty and the demands of justice, Marian and Rollo embark on a quest to take down the assassin—a quest which takes them to royal palaces, over the high seas and to foreign lands. Can they do more than prevent worldwide political upheaval? And is it possible for these two lonely hearts to find love in a world of danger and deception?

About the Book
Authors: ,
Series: Iron Universe, Book 2
Publisher: Vulpine Press
Publication Year: 2021
About the Author
MC Dalton

Hi, I'd like to introduce myself. One of my pen names is ...tada... you guessed it MC D'Alton and I have a passion for telling stories and daydreaming.
I love dark characters and have always had an odly macabre soft spot for Frankenstein. I've always been drawn to the darkness in a character. Why are they the way they are? Is there any good inside of them? And if so, what do I have to do to find it, love it, and make it shine?
And so, the idea of a romance starring a monster as the love interest began to bloom. Melanie, a dear writing friend, and my Iron Universe co-writer and fellow BookBaybZter asked that special question which set the wheels in motion, 'How will any sane person fall in love with a monster?'
And so, the story began to unfold and the Iron Universe was born!

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