Clockwork Samurai

Clockwork Samurai

Foreign invaders are at their door. Do they poke a sleeping giant to seek its help?

China, 1852. Jin Soling still battles to restore her family’s honor. Though she’s received an appointment to the imperial court, her country remains in danger with the Emperor falling into opium addiction and British warships anchored off the coast. And when her former betrothed hatches a desperate plan for an alliance with Japan, the young physician finds herself on an airship to the forbidding isolated empire.

Discovering upon arrival their contact has been assassinated, Soling and the expedition quickly find themselves under attack as spies. On the run from mechanized samurai and their transport destroyed, the brave woman fears the only thing they’ll get from the shogunate is a gruesome death.

Can Soling escape the deadly island nation, or is China’s last hope destined to die on the end of a katana?

Clockwork Samurai is the second chapter in the explosive Gunpowder Chronicles steampunk fantasy series. If you like historical intrigue, armored automaton assassins, and thrilling races against time, then you’ll love Jeannie Lin’s high-stakes story.

About the Book
Series: Gunpowder Chronicles, Book 2
Publication Year: 2017
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