Blood Bond

Blood Bond

The battle for freedom has begun.

Jade devotes herself to helping the refugees surrounding Lucrum, until Victor gives her a choice: Krista and Briar’s lives and freedom, or hers.

Lord Weston strives to win the war, and with King Brandon’s help, they devise a risky plan that gambles all their major pieces…but could be the deciding blow they need against the Elph.

Incensed and terrified for their princess and friend, Ben, Raine, and their crew take off after Jade, desperate to rescue her. But their travels through the north lead to revelations of the blood bond –– and how to destroy it before the bond shreds all they hold dear.

To break the magic will cost them everything.

About the Book
Series: The Stones of Terrence Chronicles, Book 4
Publisher: Fayette Press
Publication Year: 2021
About the Author
R J Metcalf

During the day, RJ is a stay at home mom of two active little boys. When she has 'free time', she enjoys reading, writing, baking and sewing.

After many years of creative writing classes, writing fanfiction drabbles and daydreaming, it was high time to start writing her husband Mike's story. She dove into the world of Terrene and hasn't looked back--except for when she runs out of dark chocolate.

Any free time not spent in Terrene is typically expended on hosting dinner and game nights, running amok with the two little monkeys or watching nerdy movies with Mike.

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