June 2010

Hardcore adventurer Sir Algernon Hogshead takes down badass steampunks in Victorian London. But the case of a lifetime might just ruin his winning streak and his life. When his wife starts keeping mysterious secrets and bad company, Sir Hogshead craves a peek behind the velvet curtain. But he can’t possibly break through the world of women…or can he? Sparks fly when this manliest man crosses the line and takes on the undercover assignment he never imagined. Will a dress and corset enable a pulp action hero to blow the lid off a female threat without blowing his cover? Or will the terrible truth behind his wife’s betrayal mean a horrifying ordeal for the man behind the disguise? Sometimes, the most awful surprises can lurk behind the most ridiculous outfits.

Don’t miss the uncut version of this mind-bending and darkly funny story, now available from Tsetse Press. This segment of the collective Chain Story project mixes action and comedy, mystery and slapstick, supernatural danger and steampunk cross-dressing. Welcome to the latest shocker from Robert T. Jeschonek, a master of twisted fantasy and science fiction from the outer reaches of the imagination.