January 25, 2013

Big Teeth by Katina FrenchAs a member of the Caravan and a capable thief, Lulabelle should’ve known better than to steal from the ruthless alchemist and heiress known as the Snow Queen. When things go wrong, she finds herself running from a mechanical horror with only one place to turn for help: the gun-totin’ granny who disowned her years ago. Can Lu escape the Queen’s icy vengeance, along with a set of really big teeth?

This short story is features characters from the novella “Bitter Cold,” due out in February 2013 from Echelon Press as part of the Once Upon a Clockwork Tale anthology.

A steampunk retelling of the classic fairy tale Red Riding Hood, “Big Teeth” takes place in a North America where the American states never united, and alchemy mixed with steam technology has radically altered the world. If you like rollicking high-spirited steampunk adventure with a touch of humor and romance, you’ll like “Big Teeth.”