The Gilded Age. 1904 World’s Fair. Nickelodeons. Ocean Liners. Houdini. Moving Pictures.  Horseless Carriages.

The Ragtime Era, roughly 1890-1914, was a time of unbridled enthusiasm throughout the world, a time of industrial innovation, social advancements, and an unabashed sense of optimism for the future. France remembers this time period as their Belle Epoque, or “Beautiful Era”.

For the first Big River Steampunk Spring Faire, we present “Ragtime”, the theme of the two-day event, celebrating this important time in history. Step back in time and experience the sights, sounds and delights of this magical era!

Different than the Big River Steampunk Festival held over Labor Day weekend, the Steampunk Spring Faire is an INDOOR event at the climate-controlled Hannibal Inn Hotel and Conference Center, located at 4141 Market Street (at the corner of Hwy 61, three miles south of downtown Hannibal).

Admission is $29.00 per person which is a TWO-DAY PASS, one price covers all entertainment at the Armory for BOTH DAYS! Tickets for children 10 and under are just $15.00 each.

We are also offering separate tickets for five Premium Events: The Ragtime Revue, The Great Gatsby Gala, Rockcliffe Mansion Invasion/Photo Shoot, Burlesque at the Star, and Haunted Hannibal Late-Night Ghost Adventure.