February 2, 2016

Beauty & The Clockwork Beast by A.B. KeuserThe Clockwork Fairytales: Book 1

In this retelling of the classic French fairytale Beauty and the Beast, Keuser has melded magic, clockpunk, and romance to create a story that expands on the themes of both original versions as well as that of the 1995 Disney classic.

Isabelle Marchant has only days left before her aunt’s plans to be rid of her come to fruition. Jaquel Gaston waits in the wings to marry her and take her far away to a life of servitude and silence. Tricked by an enchanted forest during a rainy walk home, Isabelle is lured to a long forgotten castle, where she finds a prince disfigured with clockwork and a palace full of orphans subject to a dark fairy’s whims.

Arthur Velois has spent six years imprisoned in his castle as the dark fairy’s pet. His only consolation is that her presence is dictated by the full moon. When the forest brings him an orphan who is neither a child, nor a boy, he knows he and his charges will have to keep the fairy’s mechanical minions from discovering her. And though he knows he needs to find a way for her to leave, a selfish, lonely part of him wants to keep her in his home… and in his bed.

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