August 2013

Beasts of the Walking City by Del LawWalking Cities Series

A fantastic thriller? A wild steampunk adventure? An Indiana Jones-style romp through the history of another planet? An epic, doomed love story? Gangsters?!?

While Blackwell’s world collapses into war, he’s trying to figure out what it means to be a noodle-loving, city-dwelling Beast. How’s he going to get back from the one-way trip Al Capone just sent him on? Where’s his next meal coming from? Who can he trust? Who’s out to kill him? (Well, that one is pretty clear.)

Welcome to Beasts of the Walking City,a fast-paced, funny, sexy epic fantasy with steampunk cities that float and walk and fly, wild magic, exploding gangsters at each other’s throats, pyrotechnic wizard battles, time travel, crazy new alien races, and the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance. If you like complex characters, intricate histories, a fast moving plot, and a magic that seems real, but you hate thick, ponderous tomes full of dense backstory, this book is for you.