Todd Downing

Todd Downing is the primary author and designer of over fifty roleplaying titles, including Arrowflight, RADZ, Airship Daedalus, and the official Red Dwarf RPG. A fixture in the Seattle indie film community, he is the co-creator of the superhero-comedy webseries The Collectibles, and the screenwriter behind The Parish and Ordinary Angels (which he also directed). His first feature film, a supernatural thriller entitled Project, was included in a PBS young directors series in 1986. He has written for stage, screen, comics, audiodrama, short-form and long-form, interactive and narrative, in a career spanning three decades. The father of two adult children, Downing spent several years in the videogame industry, working on games such as Spider for the Playstation, Allegiance and Casino Empire for the PC. He also creates book covers and marketing art for fellow authors and corporate clients, and has done voiceover work for videogames, animation, Microsoft industrial videos and the Seattle Seahawks Pro Shop.

Widowed to cancer in 2005, Downing remarried in 2009 and currently enjoys an empty nest in Port Orchard, Washington, with his wife and a flock of unruly chickens.

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Raiders of the Red Storm

Raiders of the Red Storm

Series: Airship Daedalus, Book 6
Genre: Science Fiction

A cat-and-mouse game across the skies. A summoned apocalypse.
The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

June, 1929 finds the Daedalus crew in the Peruvian mountains, working with an old comrade to retrieve a sacred artifact stolen from a native tribe.

Handed one last mission by Edison himself, “Captain Stratosphere” Jack McGraw, Dorothy Doc” Starr, and the rest of the crew head to Seattle, where an aerospace innovator will re-fit the Daedalus with a weapon system for testing off the coast of British Columbia.

But the routine mission becomes a perilous fight for survival, both on the ground and in the air. For Aleister Crowley and Maria Blutig have summoned a storm which threatens to open an eldritch dimension, ending the world as we know it.

Can a haggard and wounded crew fight a war on two fronts, while a secret strike team raids Crowley’s lair, in the desperate hope of staving off the apocalypse?

Based on the Airship Daedalus comics by Todd Downing and Brian Beardsley, Raiders of the Red Storm is book #6 in the Airship Daedalus saga, a sequel to The Arctic Menace.

It’s a retro-pulp action yarn in which mages, mad science, secret societies, occult threats, and lost worlds meet globe-trotting, sky-high aerial action and two-fisted heroism, like the pulp novels of old!

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