Timothy Lyon
Ashes: A World’s Fair Saga

Ashes: A World’s Fair Saga

In 1810, Aleksandar Scott is an inventor looking to make his future in Well's Peake, at the first-ever World's Fair - until his invention falls into the hands of a mysterious masked man.

When the disturbing murders of other innovators come to light, he soon fears for his life, as the city grows more dangerous and suspicious of him by the day.

Aleksandar must discover a way to stop his creation before the madman uses his work to begin a night of ashes and death...

Will the young inventor uncover the dark secrets that linger within this London inspired thriller before he meets his end?

In this addictive tale of mystery and suspense, Ashes, A World's Fair Saga, is the beginning of a historical serial killer series that follows Aleksandar's journey of dreams and terror.

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