Stephanie K. Clemens
A Study in Steam: A Steampunk Victorian Mystery

A Study in Steam: A Steampunk Victorian Mystery

A revolutionary opportunity. A murder most foul. Can a wrongly accused young lady prove her innocence before her future goes up in smoke?

Pippa Stanhope envisions a world teeming with her mechanical creations. So after a lifetime of hiding her love for inventing steam-powered gadgets, she's thrilled when her local university finally opens its doors to women. And the determined novice fearlessly sets out to pursue a higher education despite her family’s threat to disown her.

Refusing to be intimidated by resentful male students and professors, she quickly befriends the three other ladies attending the school. But when she discovers the body of the lone teacher willing to take her under his wing, she's horrified when she’s named as the prime suspect.

Can Pippa and her new friends find the real killer before she takes the fall for a crime she didn’t commit?

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