Shane Shepherd
Space Opera First Contact

Space Opera First Contact

A Battle Has Been Won, but the War Isn’t Over Just Yet - Captain Win’s Adventures and Mission to Save the World Is Still in Motion!

Captain Win had succeeded.

The Champions are finally dying, and the Ring is destroyed once and for all. Win and his team were narrowly able to escape with their lives and return back to Earth.

But something didn’t feel right.

The allies they once stood in arms with were nowhere in sight, and the city they called home was reduced to rubble.

The damage had been done.

And now, they found themselves at the mercy of yet another enemy that had taken over the broken city.

The city is out of power and infested with the Roaches. Win is beaten, bruised, and tired. He just wants to rest, but he knows that his work isn’t done yet.

After all, how safe can they be when their allies have abandoned them, and the city is infested with Roaches?

The Resistance was the only safe haven that they could return to, but after already being abandoned by their allies once, they couldn’t afford to take the risk.

Instead, The team must stay strong, push through, and keep going if they want a safe place to rest for the night. But with enemies lurking in every corner, rest will have to wait.

With the city turned into ruins, it won’t be an easy task to find someplace safe. But Win is the Captain, and a Captain must lead his crew.

When push comes to shove, what more can one man do to keep his people safe?

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