Carl Stubblefield

The author began his plans for world domination by first becoming a dentist. It is a well-known fact that dentists have unearthed the ancient secrets of how to crush the hearts of men and to hear the lamentations of women and children. When this was insufficient, he created worlds where he could torment the good guys before moving to the next phase of his plans. Known for nefarious accomplishments that involve crippling dad-jokes and debilitating puns.

From his secret lair hidden in the Pacific Northwest, he lives with his wife and three children. They haven’t left yet, but the mountain is covered with genetically altered wolves and other creatures. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, though.

Unity by Carl Stubblefield

Unity by Carl Stubblefield

Series: Henchman, Book 3

Secrets and broken promises. Questions that need answers. Drive can overcome Destiny.

Gus is thrown back in action, still reeling from the sacrifices needed to protect the manor. He’s been thrust into a leadership position he feels ill-equipped to handle, and finds himself in a race to find answers. The fraying threads of his past are unraveling, and one mistake can mean they’ll be lost forever.

He teams up with ‘The Crew’, a singular group of supers assisting Gus’ father – Tempest – as he seeks to right a wrong from the past… but it may be too late. The Crew is tasked with finding the hybrid’s secret headquarters, hacking impregnable A.I.‘s, and making deals with criminals all while in enemy territory.

Powerful forces are watching Gus and want him as a pawn in their global game of conspiracies against all supers. Against his will, he has become the tipping point everything is balanced upon.

It’s all in a day’s work for the average super, but Gus isn’t sure if he can rise to the occasion, or if the pressure will crush him.

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