Brokerah Brumley

Come in for some coffee and homemade plum jelly. My husband, Farmer Bill, made it. It’s the best in our part of Texas.

I promise, between incubating peafowl eggs and bottle-feeding farm babies, I’m currently stuck in fantasy worlds out the wahzoo.

So, if you stick around a little while, you’ll get to join me on some of my adventures.

Lamps & Ladders:  A Steampunk Caper

Lamps & Ladders: A Steampunk Caper

Beatrix Smith lives on her own in New London, working odd jobs and lifting the occasional coin purse. Since her best friend, Helen, moved away to begin a new life, Beatrix does as she pleases, her only companion a steam-powered peacock.

When a frantic letter arrives, begging for assistance, Beatrix packs up her peacock, "borrows" the fastest transport available—an airship—and sails for the coastal town where Helen lives.

But Beatrix doesn't account for the determined, broad-shouldered Constable Jones and his desire to drag her before the magistrate.

When Constable Jones arrives at the lazy seaside town, he stumbles into a hive of crooked police officers and manages to get himself arrested.

Beatrix Smith is his only friend on the other side of the law.

Can he convince the pretty thief to break him out of jail?

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