As I have mentioned a few times, Flights releases today (1 June 2021), and it takes Amethyst to the culmination of her adventures.

Starting in a very dark place after the tragedy of Twists, Amethyst gives herself over to the control of the sinister and mysterious Redland Academy. In the scene I’m about to share with you, Amethyst is traveling on an airship with Vostock and heading to the academy, though not quite as she had expected.



Amethyst blinked at Vostock, her jaw slightly loose in her lack of understanding. “Direct?”

He nodded.

She looked around the gondola. It was a simple short haul passenger craft, rows of four seats, two on each side with a central aisle, between thirty and fifty passengers – she couldn’t see enough to count the rows. Journeys of up to two hours. “All these people are hoping to get into Redland Academy?”

“All these people have been accepted into Redland Academy.”

She looked around at those she could see. Redland had a reputation was for taking the brightest and the best. If that was this lot, it didn’t show. Though, under the grime, she couldn’t see one ugly one, and most were female.  “They look more like servants and navvies,” she whispered.

“Who are grateful for the prospect of a better life outside the smoke and smell of London.”

Amethyst blinked. This didn’t match with the ideals she expected. “I don’t understand.”

His lips twisted up at her. “Could you do what you do if you had to wash your own clothes, clean your own home, cook your own meals?”

She probably wouldn’t have time, let alone the energy.

Vostock went on like he was reciting a well-learnt passage from a play. “A fully functioning society needs people working at all levels. The unskilled jobs that are anything but. The farm laborers, the scullery maid, the nurse, the miner, the milkmaid, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. All make a valuable contribution to society and are to be applauded and appreciated for their hard work.” Recital over, Vostock looked around before he leaned close and whispered. “Not a single gibface, mind.”