September 2017

A Clockwork War:  Book Two

Imagine Queen Elizabeth I never ruled.
England and Scotland never unified.
It’s 1845 and the two countries are again at war.

The deadly war between England and Scotland rages on, with England placed in peril when powerful Duke Murgatroyd turns traitor, helping the Scots to annihilate London, and more shockingly, kidnap the king.

Engineer Clara Lissing is determined to launch a rescue mission. She joins forces with the king’s cousin, Gordy, constructing an airship from the ashes of a Scottish machine to sneak across the border and battle their enemies.

The pair quickly learn that enemies abound, and not just in Scotland. The most dangerous part of the mission just might be deciding who they can trust. Can they get close enough to save the king? Or will the murderous Murgatroyd strike again?