March 2012

Empath demon Sacha Camomescro is rescuing refugees from Victorian Europe’s war on magic when she meets a man unlike any other. Javier Vargas is an alpha werewolf, his pack nearly decimated by assassins, his appetite for justice superseded only by his desire for Sacha.

But Sacha’s gift is also her curse. While reading minds is helpful in eluding the assassins sent by Europe for Progress, it cripples her ability to trust men and enjoy sex, for she can always see men’s fantasies when they’re with her. But Javier has a single-minded focus when it comes to his pursuit.

Just when it seems Sacha can trust him, her airship crew starts getting picked off mid-flight—and it would appear a rabid animal is at fault. Javier and his lone remaining pack member fall under suspicion, and in the hysteria, Sacha begins to lose control of her mission. Blindsided by passion, she must decide if she can trust the one man who wants her just as she is.

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