January 26, 2014

airshipdownbybrentnichols Colleen Garman is not having a good day.

Mercenary soldiers have invaded the Mediterranean island of Capria. Ben, the man who means everything to her, is leading the resistance. Colleen’s job, as she sees it, is to

keep him alive long enough to drive the invaders out. But when the airship returns, the resistance crumbles and Ben and Colleen must run for their lives.

Harried and hunted, Colleen has all she can handle just staying alive – until the air turns cold, and a strange

cloud forms over Monte Albo. The cult is opening a portal. They’re about to release the mad god Katharis.

With the fate of the world at stake, Colleen has to stop running and take the fight to the invaders. It means letting go of smaller concerns, like Ben. Or her own survival.

The seconds are ticking down, the mad god is coming closer, and Colleen has to stop him – no matter what the cost.

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