June 3, 2013

Airship City by Stephen WestThe Aeropolis Sequence

It’s the ultimate get-away-from-it-all destination. But will he get away with his life?

In 1948, the world’s wealthy flock to the newest holiday destination, a unique city in the sky known as Aeropolis. Young Joseph Samson, however, is not on holiday- he’s there to spy on its creator, aviation genius Howard Hughes. His chance comes when he befriends Hughes’s daughter Ione. But instead of finding out the truth behind the airship accident that killed his father, Joseph uncovers a deadly plot- one he cannot warn Hughes about without giving himself away.

To outwit the plotters, he will need to find out just who is betraying whom, and why- and somehow convince Ione that he isn’t the traitor.

A compelling alternative history steampunk novel that will appeal to fans of Philip Reeve, Anthony Horowitz, and Will Hill. Get ready for takeoff on a unique flying adventure!