February 3, 2016

Aethernaut Chronicles: Prometheus Unbound by JB MurphyAethernaut Chronicles: Prometheus Unchained is a mature adult, science fantasy adventure novel set in an alternate late 1900’s. Ulysses,the son of a privateer from Georgia with exceptional, Tesla-like intelligence becomes entwined with an erudite organization of inventors, scientists and wizards. Meanwhile, an ancient evil is plotting to destroy creation. Ulysses rescues his love and flees the embattled American south at the end of the Civil War in his hybrid air ship with Horace, a runaway slave. They fly across the country and gather a crew of incredibly talented individuals. Along the way, a creature of extra-dimensional origins changes everything. In a world powered by steam, cog and electricity nothing will ever be the same. WARNING: Contains violence and some sexual situations.

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