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Aether Chronicles follow the journey of Amethyst Forester, who is an “interesting girl…”. Amethyst is a scientist, a strong young lady, and someone who recognises the restrictions of society, but finds ways around them.


Amethyst has a talent and interest for invention with Aether, an atmospheric gas that provides power when refined. Defying convention, Amethyst is studying aetheric engineering with Professor Richards and has managed what no other scientist has – she invents a way to make moving aetheric rainbow light into a steady white light.

Unfortunately, someone else is using the power of aether for more nefarious outcomes.

When Professor Richards dies, Amethyst inherits his money, his possessions, and half his house. The other half of the house goes to Benjamin Maker, Lord Fotheringham and first Earl of Umbria, his friend and neighbour. The fact that there is an instant attraction is problematic, Maker already has a wife. The bigger problem is that Amethyst has to convince not only Maker, but Inspector Jenson of Scotland Yard, that Richards didn’t just die, he was murdered.

That’s the start of book one – “Shades” in which Amethyst must juggle a change of circumstances and the resentments it sets up, solve a murder, foil a dastardly plot, and save Parliament from itself, not to mention an international incident.

An invitation to a house party should be just the thing to help Amethyst relax, but “Echoes” of the past won’t let that happen. The unwanted attentions from one lord and the difficult situation of another keep her on edge. When the existence of a mystery is revealed, Amethyst calls on the only ally she can rely on, Inspector Jenson. Between the two of them they uncover more than one mystery and reveal more of themselves than they expected.



The return to London proves boring for Amethyst in “Speed” because both Maker and Jenson have left the city, though in opposite directions. So when she meets a team of American scientists who share her interest in aether and she sees a way to help them improve their engine, she jumps at the chance. When this takes her away from home it’s a lot more than coincidence that reunites her with Maker and Jenson. Rivalries show up on all sides, but they have to work together to foil an assassination attempt.



In “Twists” the fallout from previous events threaten to crush Amethyst under their weight. The surprise demand that she finds out what is causing catastrophic vortices to open up over London is a request she can’t refuse. Though finding a way to stop the vortices is difficult when she’s facing distracting personal betrayals, and a murder charge that could see her hang. The final cost could be more than she can bear.



In pain, Amethyst sees only one way forward, and the fact that it could cost her life doesn’t matter to her. To stop the constant attacks on Britain’s peace and stability, in “Flights” Amethyst travels to the Redland Academy. The collective stands for everything she doesn’t, but she has nothing left to lose. Until she gets there, then everything that matters is torn away and used against her. Sabotage plans fly out the window, as cooperation becomes the only option, but the worst of servants is the one that does exactly what they are told.  Only “Flights” will show if Amethyst can be triumphant in life, and work and love.


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