February 5, 2015

Achilles vs Mecha-Hector by Jesse Beeson TateA Bronzepunk Adventure

Achilles vs. Mecha-Hector is a humorous alternative to the Iliad featuring a drunken Bronze Age android as the main protagonist. After his fatal duel with Achilles, Prince Hector of Troy is brought back to life by a rogue adherent of Vulcan. Thrust back into a world he no longer understands, Hector and his geriatric companions must navigate the mystery surrounding his resurrector’s death, a sinister plot by Lovecraftian gods from Troy’s dark past, and their own alcohol-induced incompetence. All the while, the assembled Greek nations still seek the utter destruction of Troy.

Brilliantly conceived and executed, this gloriously irreverent reimagining of the ancient world will send readers on a wild ride through one of the strangest What If? scenarios to hit to the genre in decades.