November 17, 2012

A Steampunk Carol by Steven R. SouthardWhat Man Hath Wrought: Book Six

That stuffy Victorian inventor, Stanton Wardgrave, is back again, eight years after inventing holograms and meeting the American Josephine Boulton. Married now, with a son and daughter, he’s dealing with rather too much balderdash and poppycock this Christmas Eve. Conversing with his dead father? Expecting three visitors? It all seems so very Dickensian. But he knows he’s not at all like that Ebenezer Scrooge fellow…is he? What, this story asks, would Christmas be without a bit of steampunk in it?

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Staffer Review:

We see very little of this Steampunk Victorian world during the book and descriptions of any equipment are even more lacking. The use of Dickens’ classic novel, while not a new idea, is usually done without the characters knowledge of the tale. This is the second book about Stanton and it may be necessary to read the previous book to be able to fully enjoy this holiday tale.

Hollie – Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More