January 2019

Queen Victoria is in the 200th year of her reign, and her Glorious British Empire faces a grievous threat due to the Machiavellian machinations of that most notorious instigator of insurrections Herbert George Wells.

The Ministry, the shadowy branch of the British government that deals with things other Ministries neither need or want to know about, needs to send its best available man. But as the best available man is not available, they are going to have to turn to someone else.

Enter Hannibal Smyth, a gentleman of nefarious repute. Formally in the service of ‘She whom is seldom amused’ as an officer in the Royal Air Navy, thief, scoundrel, gambler, drinker, arsonist, womaniser, convicted murderer, and currently resident in the New Bailey, awaiting the shortest of short walks to the gallows.

Will Hannibal become the hero the Empire needs? Will he face down the dangers of international conspiracies, psychotic maids, crazed scientists, air pirates, and those blasted fools who want independence? Will he rise to the occasion? Will he defend Queen, Country, indeed the Empire with his life if necessary?

Not if he has anything to say about it

But then The Ministry doesn’t plan on giving him much choice…