November 2011

A Hellion of the Skies by Dagmar AveryPart of the Love Like Clockwork Anthology

rew Rawdon has spent the past five years searching for the love of his life, Lady Sarah Worthington, the daughter of the Duke of Casmarin. When she vanished without a trace, Andrew threw himself into his work, hoping that his travels with his airship company, the Perpetual Aether and Cargo Company would bring him news of the woman he lost just before they were to be married.

Taking on a major political and scientific job, transporting the newly invented Chronosphere, something that was purported to help humanity to the next stage of technology. He knew the risks, industrial espionage, possible sabotage, and of course, the Hellions, a group of women who terrorized the skies for fun and profit.
Imagine his surprise when Sarah is the woman that boards his ship and demands he hand over the Chronosphere. Caught between duty to his company, and duty to his heart, Andrew must figure out a way to make his contract and save the woman he lost. Little does he know that Sarah has a special mission of her own.

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