September 2017

Tales of the Automazombs:  Book 1

Tales of the Automazombs is a collection of novelettes and short stories set in a steampunk world. In A Desperate Plan, plague casts a dire shadow across the continent. The terrible disease preserves its victims even after death. Every attempt to cure or neutralize the plague only spreads it further. Only the Inventors Guild has a plan to destroy the sickness – with science. They will graft mechanical enhancements onto the recently deceased and use these Automazombs to cleanse the land of infected bodies.

Desperate citizens do what they must to pick up the pieces of uprooted lives. A brave few search for solutions, while others seek to use this ghastly situation for personal gain. How long can the people of Eysan survive the horrors of the plague, the Automazombs, and one another?