December 2011

The Blackwell Legacy

Olyve Blackwell is done playing by the rules.

With rumors of sorcery and danger shrouding her family, not even the whispers of Revolution can distract from her unwedable status. So, when a desperate woman hands her a questionable item and begs for her help, she decides to shatter the chains of propriety. Armed with the supernatural gift of psychometry, she delves into a life of sleuthing.

With Christmas on the way, she buries herself in a kidnapping case with deep roots in the ton. Her efforts to escape the loneliest holiday of the year bring her head to head with a mysterious stranger who may just be her most treacherous enemy…or the answer to her heart’s deepest desires.

When the call of her Intuition screams his name, Olyve will have to decide whether or not she will trust James Reeves. With betrayal lurking at every corner, one slip could destroy her and unleash the deadly potential hidden within.

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