I am writing this post while the news of Baby Cambridge hits the world. Way to go Kate! The same news would not get such a happy response from Wren MacAvoy, the heroine of my trilogy that started with Ashes Of Twilight.

ashes cover

Wren’s world solely exists to preserve the royal bloodline after a comet came to close to the earth in the mid 1800’s. And now, 200 years later she is in service to the dome as a coal miner. Nothing has changed in her world and she can’t help but wonder why. In Shadows Of Glass, which comes out today (yay!) the story picks up after Wren and her friends have escaped from the dome. The world outside is not what she hoped nor are things as easy.


To celebrate the release of Shadows Of Glass and my visit to this world of Steampunk I’m giving away a set of steampunk earings. photo-19

Just follow the instructions below for a chance to win! You can find out more about my books by visiting www.kassytayler.com, my facebook page  or following me on twitter @kassytayler


WINNER ALERT:  Congratulations to Lisa!  Thanks everyone!