Journey through time with Steampunk Fashion by Simplicity®
Fashion a world of boundless imagination and adventure with Simplicity® Steampunk and Victorian Era costumes. Use sumptuous fabric paired with both elegant and edgy trim to create heroes and heroines fit for a late 19th Century drama.
Visit for a variety of Steampunk, late 19th and early 20th Century garments. also offers a range of corsets, capes, waistcoats, and other apparel patterns that can be altered to fit the Steampunk look.
There are several tips and tricks to consider when making Steampunk fashion. Here are a few:
≡ Look for common elements when assembling a Steampunk ensemble
Simplicity® 2172 Although Steampunk attire is very creative, it’s helpful to decide if it’s a Victorian English or an American Wild West inspired look you’re after when selecting patterns. offers costumes that can be easily adapted for either. Both themes have common elements that can be used interchangeably. Men’s ensembles should include: a sack coat or a frock coat, a waistcoat (vest), trousers, and a buttoned shirt. Men can also incorporate capes if desired.
Women’s Steampunk ensembles can include any of the following: bustled skirts, corsets, full skirts, short skirts, capes, jackets, vests, coats and a variety of tops. Look for early 20th century elements with costumes and fashion patterns.
For a ladies’ American West inspired Steampunk look, try Simplicity 2851, while men can use Simplicity 2895.
≡ Adapt modern patterns for a Steampunk look
There are quite a few contemporary patterns that can easily be incorporated into Steampunk fashions with the right fabric and trim. Simplicity 4079, if made in velvet, brocade, corduroy, or broadcloth in earthen tones or dark colors, can be worn with other Steampunk garments to create new looks or to update an existing costume.
≡ Consider fabric and trim
Fabric selection is very important, and so is the use of trim. Adding embroidered appliques and trim may seem elaborate, but adding in these details can add historical authenticity and excitement to the costume.
Include novelty trim, braids, pleather bands, trim with grommets, lace, piping, and tape for well-made garments inside and out. Appropriate fabrics for Steampunk costumes are: cotton shirting and broadcloth, linen, brocade, silk, satin, velvet, wool, rayon, acetate, denim (American Wild West Steampunk), and canvas.≡ Complete the look with the right accessories
No Steampunk costume is complete without the right accessories. Goggles, spectacles, hats and gloves really help to complete the Steampunk look. Make your own fingerless gloves by adapting this free project by SUEDEsays™. Women’s hairpieces are various and not limited to hats. Try making Sara Trail’s Designed with Love Fascinator or the Simplicity Fascinator. Visit Simplicity Classroom for more Free Projects for Steampunk fashion and more.
Men can add spats to boots for a dapper finish or wear a fob at the waist instead of the typical pocket watch. Also, excess fabric can be used to make handkerchiefs and pocket squares for men. Remembering to add the details of a particular character goes a long way.
Visit Simplicity Creative Group’s Pinterest page to see more Steampunk Inspiration and appropriate patterns!