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 Charmed vengeance by Suzanne Lazear
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I’m very excited that CHARMED VENGEANCE, book 2 in my Aether Chronicles series is finally out in the world. I say finally because I wrote the book in 2011 before INNOCENT DARKNESS even released. (Publishing can be a little slow, book 3 is already written). So, where I’ve known what happens in the further adventures of Noli, Kevighn, Steven, and James, for some time, now YOU get to see what happens—and I get to see your reactions.

I love this book. I love it even more than INNOCENT DARKNESS. CHARMED VENGEANCE takes place mostly in the mortal realm, so it’s more steampunky by nature. Noli spends most of the book on an airship, with air pirates (okay, so one of them is her brother, but they’re still air pirates). There are cannons and automatons and robberies and shoot outs and cake.

Lots of cake. No cake was harmed in the writing of this book. However, many, many sour patch kids sacrificed their lives in order to make this book great.

I do love writing the scenes in the Otherworld (faerie), but I was excited that I really got to steampunk it up in this book. The steampunk burlesque hall James and V visit was one of my favorite scenes to write.

We meet some new and interesting characters including Noli’s older brother Jeff and his girlfriend Captain Vix. The sassy airship captain was very fun to write. I also enjoyed writing the scene with the cannons (if I say more it will be spoiler-y).

One of the things I love most about writing steampunk is how creative you can be. You can put hoverboards in 1901 Los Angeles, steampunk the Mormon battalion, and create a world where Hawaii defeats U.S. invasion with the help of air pirates. You can explore the what-ifs and never-wases to weave exciting and different tales.

You can also add faeries.

The Aether Chronicles series is what I call “Fairytale Steampunk.” There are faeries, fairytale elements, and steampunk all in one story. The mortal world is steampunk and the Otherworld is, well, Faerie. I combined all these elements because I wanted to write a book I’d like to read, so I mixed up all my favorite things in one story (I am a huge folklore nerd.) Also, faeries are actually a logical choice to combine with steampunk. The Victorians LOVED faeries.

The problem with the world I built was that I actually had to create two worlds – Faerie and the mortal realm. The Otherworld has its own rules, government, and population, just like the mortal realm. But, considering I like world building, that wasn’t that much of a problem for me.

I hope you enjoy CHARMED VENGEANCE as much as I do. Visit to learn more about the series.

What’s your favorite thing about steampunk?



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